yellowpelota trousers
  • yellowpelota trousers
  • yellowpelota trousers
  • Yellowpelota trousers cropped grey
  • Yellowpelota trousers cropped grey

Yellowpelota trousers cropped grey

€36,00 €72,00

Yellowpelota trousers cropped grey

Merk: Yellowpelota
Kwaliteit: 1100% Cotton Garment-dyeing

Leverbaar in de maten: XS,  S & M


Yellowpelota trousers cropped grey

Yellowpelota was created in 2013 and it is characterised by the extraordinary quality of its
 materials, as well as fresh and comfortable designs. Yellowpelota, is inspired by atemporary
 designs turning them into an actual and recognizable brand.
Launched by two professionals from the Art and the Design who were able to translate the
artistic heritage from their own careers into unique patterns and original universes for each
 collection. As such, each color is carefully identified and chosen to bring out the potential of each

AW19 collection Brightsiders is about seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

It’s colouring without concern for staying inside the lines.

It’s taking a cardboard box and turning it into a house the size of your dreams-small for those watching, enormous for those playing.
It’s blowing bubbles in your milk with a straw until the glass is overflowing. It’s playing dress-up all the time, and if there are no proper costumes, all the better. It’s deep-sea diving in the bathtub. It’s sticking your finger up your nose even when someone is watching you, or precisely for that reason.

Because children don’t have references or experience, they invent everything.

Children are spontaneus because they always have nothing to lose.
Children are curious about nature because they love surprises.

These children are the brightsiders. Those of now and those of before. Also those to come. The brightsiders are determined to unlearn, to seek the first version of what they were, the purest of all and the most sincere. They know only how to move forward seeking emotions and discovering new paths. The paths that shine brightest.

Always look on the bright side of life.

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