piupiuchick romper dress

Piupiuchick romper dress coral tule & animal

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Piupiuchick romper dress in animal print cotton gauze with shoulder strap and dotted tulle in the outside. Buttons between legs for easy diapers changing.

Merk: Piupiuchick
Leverbaar in de maten: 3M, 6M, 12M, 18M
Materiaal: 100% cotton gauze
Kleur: Coral tule & coral animal print 


Piupiuchick romper dress coral tule & animal

Piupiuchick ontwerpt kleding voor kinderen om te genieten van hun betoverde jeugd! 

Aw19 collection is inspired in our school memories. A very special place where we all had sweet moments. Memories we adore to bring back.

With this collection we want to make these moments last.

We want our kids to appreciate the true beauty of school days. the days where we can find books that demand to be read, science that needs to be explored, words that beg to be written and equations that must be solved. Days where there are friends to be made, secrets to be shared, first loves to be lived...

There is so much to learn, so much to see. Knowledge and wisdom aren't quite the same thing. May they passionately seek true wisdom. May they never forget, where true knowledge begins.

The colors, the patterns, the models were all inspired in our old school photos and want to build a bridge between that time and school today.

A collection to create memories.

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