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Goodordering mini backpack orange

€32,00 €39,95

This Mini-me backpack is packed with functional features that make life easier travelling with a little one. But also great for adults and teens!

For kids, this is perfect for between ages 2-4 years but still very useful and cute for ages 1-5 years.

The bag features reflective strips for extra safety on all 3 panels (front and both sides) detachable safety harness and chest strap to keep the bag secure even over the thickest of winter jackets. The bag also features a unique strap construction which allows it to be attached to scooter handles.

Merk: Goodordering
Material: Nylon with leather trim
Size: 30cm x 20cm x 7.5cm
Weight: 0.38kg
Capacity: 4.5L


Goodordering mini backpack orange

Goodordering is an independent cycling accessories company selling functional and fun school bags and cycling bags with a retro twist. Run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in Hackney, East London. In 2012 we watched the cycling boom really take off. All sorts of fashionable people joined the revolution, but what lagged behind was the accessories! Identifying a gap in the market for colourful, unisex bike bags, Goodordering was born.

The brand name Goodordering comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. “Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness.

The Goodordering customer is at the heart of what keeps Goodordering going. They are fun, busy and like to be organised. They set the trends amongst their pals and are not afraid to stand out.


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