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Hazel Village lewis toad

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Lewis Toad really likes working on his potter's wheel. You can see how he would be good at it because of his webbed hands. But he's afraid of sparks from the kiln, because he doesn't even have any fur. Oliver Mouse finds that part warm and cozy, though, so he is happy to help.

Merk: Hazel Village

Materiaal: 100% biologisch katoen/jersey
Maat: ± 35 cm oor tot teen. Hij is gevuld met wasbaar polyfill. Zijn gezicht is met de hand geborduurd met katoen borduurgaren.

Lewis is about 14" tall. He is made of green organic cotton jersey, and stuffed with polyfill. You can hand wash him and he will air dry. He has hand-stitched details on his eyes, hands, and feet.

We love him in his very dapper forest green tailcoat. It is removable so he can change his outfit. You can order him in this outfit or dress him in any of our doll clothe.


Hazel Village lewis toad

De naam Hazel Village is afkomstig van de Amerikaanse hazelnoot boom. Elke knuffel is handgemaakt van organisch katoen en ontworpen door Jane van Cleef uit Brooklyn New York. Alle knuffels zijn handgestikt, zacht en veilig voor baby's. En met de "dress-up" kleding die aan en uit kan ook "fun" voor oudere kinderen.

Met een handgeborduurd monogram maak je deze knuffel  persoonlijk. Een unieke knuffel met naam als kraamcadeau!

When the weather is warm, Ada loves to go wading in the stream. She admires the way the water looks as it flows over rocks in the shallow part, and the mysteries of the murky depths where she might see a turtle. When her legs get too cold, she sits on the stream bank and makes little braided contraptions from wild grasses.

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